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Automatic termination notice

Before the lease expires, we will send an automatic reminder to both the landlord and tenant. We will also send a checklist which helps with the practical stuff when moving out, including a guide to make a move-out report, documentation and refund of the deposit.


When a landlord is creating a time limited lease contract at LEJKA.dk, it's stated among other things, when the lease expires. This means, that we are able to send an automatic reminder. We will send it a month before the lease expires, so you will have time to prepare.

If the contract is time limited, it will automatically expire the day you have agreed on. As a landlord, you do not have obligation to notify the termination, because it is already in the contract. Though, it will be a good idea to remind your tenant that the contract is to expire soon.

As a starting point, all private lease contracts are not time limited, however, the tenancy laws § 80 states that you can create a time limited lease contract, if you have a sufficient justification. Read more about that topic, in our article about time limited leases.

If you have a lease contract that isn't time limited, there will be no expiration date. The landlord will not be able to just terminate the lease contract, however, there are few exceptions in the tenancy law. For example, the tenant can have a lease terminated if the tenant has repeatedly violated "good practice"(three month notice) or if the landlord wants to move back into the property, that is leased out (notice of termination is 1 year).

Besides terminating the tenant, the landlord can also decide to revoke the contract - legally, it's two different things. Revoking a contract can happen if a tenant has neglected it's obligations, destroyed the property, or by not paying the rent. This is described in more detail, in the tenancy laws § 93, and gives the landlord the right to revoke the tenancy with immediate effect and without notice.

If you want to be sure to receive an automatic notice, make sure that there is an expiration date in the lease contract.

You can do that, by loggin into Mit LEJKA and select the desired tenancy and check the date for moving out in the overview.