Rådgivning til udlejere

Background check of tenant

To ensure a smooth tenancy, LEJKA provides a background check of potential tenants. This means that we collect statements from previous landlords, and we will verify the tenant using NemID.

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It's important to find a good and stable tenant, to get a healthy and well-functioning tenancy.

LEJKA offers a different variety of services that can assisst the landlord in finding the best tenant, to ensure a hassle-free tenancy, without unpleasant suprises. It's entirely up to the landlord to decide, which factors to investigate.

Just like everything else LEJKA offers, this service is completely free.

Background check of tenants is performed by these factors:

  • Statements from previous landlords

Get to know whether you tenant has been a good tenant according the former landlords.

  • Economic stability

Be sure that your next tenant is economically stable, and avoid bad payers.

  • Verification with NemID

Get your tenants identity verified by NemID.

  • Terms of employment

Get to know if the tenant is employed, which can give you insight about the tenants the ability to pay.

  • Study status

Get confrimation that your future tenant is study active, and for how long.

We comply with all rules and regulations concerning The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we guarantee that our datacollection og verification system is in accordance with applicable GDPR-rules.