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Free legal advice for users of LEJKA

What can my landlord write in the contract? Is it allowed to let the rent rise? Can my tenancy be terminated before the lease ends? Can my landlord spends some of the deposit on renovation? It can be difficult to navigate in the laws of tenancy - LEJKA provides free legal advice regarding your individual tenancy.


We live in a time, where everything can be googled - even tenancies. The web is flooded with information about lease contracts, rules and laws, which can be very difficult to navigate in. My experience as a lawyer is, that many tenants get lost in the jungle trying to do it themselves. 

Thats why we've decided to offer professional legal advide - for free. Legal assistance is usually not something that relates to the word "free", but at LEJKA it is. We are bringing landlords and tenants together, and our vision is to make it easy and hassle free to rent out your home - not a burden. As a user of LEJKA, you can always contact us to get expert help for your tenancy. 

Our legal team provides counseling within all areas of the tenancy law, whether it's private housing or commercial. We have great expertise within preparation and review of lease contracts, and we're happy to help guide you all the way, so you avoid expensive mistakes.

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The area is characterized by many formal rules, fx. deadlines, notices and formulations. As a tenant there are numerous things to be observant of before signing the contract. There are specific rules about what a landlord can write into the contract - and what significance it may have for you. When you move into your new home, it's also important to know the rules for a move-in report. 

And its not just tenants who find it difficult to navigate in the rules. Even landlords have a lot of questions, especially related to the lease contract. All good landlords will go to great lengths to ensure that everything is correct so problems don't occur. If a landlord loose a case in The Rent Assessment Committee, they will have to pay a fee of DKK 6000. This is why we're happy to offer free help and advice to both landlords and tenants, to assist a smooth tenancy.

Besides the general legal advice, we also offer free dispute resolution if disagreements arises regarding distribution of the deposit, and we can make a decision in less than 30 days. It's way faster than The Rent Assessment Committee, which can result in a lot of money and take up to 1 year. At LEJKA we do it for free.

At LEJKA you can have legal assitance with:

  • Lease contract
  • Deposit an prepaid rent
  • Adjustment of the rent
  • House rules
  • Violations
  • Move-in and move-out reports
  • Relocation cases
  • Terms of time limit
  • Binding periods
  • Termination of tenancy
  • ... and much more

If you're a user of LEJKA, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will look at your case and guide you about how you should approach things - whether you have qustions about lease contracts, final settlements, rent, deposits or anything else, we will be ready to help you. You may be able to find answers in our article archive - but if you are not sure whether you have the right answer or not, please contact us!

Send an e-mail to lawyer Jan Blicher Grunnet at jan@lejka.dk or call us at phone. 70 70 74 66.

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