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Safe protection of your deposit

Deposits is often the reason for conflicts between landlords and tenants, but LEJKA offers a solution which creates safety for both sides.


Unfortunately you dont have to search long for examples with problems before, during and after a tenancy - and it's often the deposit that is the reason. Especially related to the tenant moving out, conflicts arise quite easily regarding repairs, renovation, cleaning and wear and tear - and about how much the landlord has the right to retain of the deposit to cover the expenses.

In other countries, ex. England, it is mandatory for landlords to let the deposit be protected by a government approved platform. It's mandatory to prevent the landlord from not paying the deposit back, or doesn't have the possibility to pay back the deposit, when the tenant is moving out. The law ensures that both sides can have free dispute resolution in relation to how much the tenant can require for renovation and to fix damages.

There are no such demands in Denmark. Instead it's up to the landlord and tenant to find a solution based on the tenancy law, which can be interpreted in many ways. That is why LEJKA have taken the initiative to create a similar scheme for the danish landlords and tenants.

LEJKA is the first and only platform in Denmark, that ensures secure protection of deposits, and at the same time provides quick, impartial and free dispute resolution when the lease ends. We are not on the side of either the landlord nor the tenant - but we are bringing landlords and tenants together on a safe platform.

As a tenant you may risk losing all or part of your deposit when moving out, if disagreements arise with the landlord. On the other hand, the landlord may risk the right to have his expenses covered, if it can't be proved that the damage or wear and tear is due to the tenant. Therefore, it's a good idea to meet and fix the practical stuff in a safe and automated platform - it can give peace of mind for both sides.

This is how you protect your deposit with LEJKA:

1. When creating a free account you can indicate your deposit and prepaid rent.

2. If you have stated your landlord/tenant, the person in question will recieve an invitation to use LEJKA.

3. When both of you have created an account, go to Mit LEJKA to see all details related to the tenancy, including the agreed deposit and prepaid rent.

4. Under "deposit and prepaid rent", the tenant can see which bank account the deposit and any prepaid rent needs to be paid to. 

5. When the deposit and any prepaid rent has been paid by the tenant to LEJKA, the whole amount is protected by LEJKA.

Also remember to add following in the lease contracts § 11 regarding special conditions:

"It has been agreed between the landlord and the tenant that the tenant pays a deposit and any prepaid rent to LEJKA ApS".

By letting LEJKA protect the deposit, both sides can be ceratin that the money is always available to be paid. This is in both the landlords and tenants interest. When letting LEJKA protect the deposit, all the services on the platform is free, including lease contract, rental payments, move-in and move-out reports, storage of documents and pictures - free for both the landlord and tenant throughout the lease period. 

Quick, impartial and free dispute resolution

The landlord can easily upload move-in and move-out reports digitally, which is to be shared with the tenant. If everything is okay when moving out,the deposit is paid to the tenant. If the landlord can document damage on ex. inventory, a part of the deposit can be paid to the landlord instead. Before the lease expires and if you're a tenant, remember to add your banking details in your profile.

As one of the only ones in Denmark, LEJKA offers to solve any disagreements between landlords and tenants regarding the deposit. The legal work is free, as well as we guarantee a decision in 30 days. It is way faster than getting the case handled in The Rent Assessment Committee or The Housing Court.

You can read more about the process in our article about quick, impartial and free dispute resolution.

We guarantee that the deposit will be protected safely, and is ready to be withdrawn when you decide to end the lease.