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Frequently asked questions

How can I benefit from letting LEJKA report my income?
As of 2021, the law requires a third party to report the rental income if your want the higher bottom tax deduction of DKK 29,900. If you report the income yourself, the deduction is DKK 11,700. So you miss out on DKK 18,200 if you do the reporting yourself.

What housing types and rentals does this apply to?
If you rent out one or more rooms, you can benefit from the higher bottom tax deduction, even if the rental periode exceeds 12 months. For year-round housing the rules only apply if the flat or house is rented out during a part of the income year, i.e. a shorter period of less than 12 months. However, the rental period may cover two income years, but the total rental period must always be less than 12 month for the rules about the higher bottom tax deduction to apply.

Is is safe to let LEJKA report the rental income on my behalf?
Yes, it's absolutely safe. The Danish tax authorities (Skattestyrelsen) have confirmed that LEJKA has the legal right to report rental income in accordance with §15 Q of the The Danish Rent Act (lejeloven).

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How much does it cost to use LEJKA?
All services offered by LEJKA, including tax reporting, are 100 percent free of charge when we protect the deposit during the tenancy. Our business model is based on the investment of a part of the deposit, which is how we can offer our platform for free. The money is protected by a bank guarantee which means that the funds can always be paid out at the end of the tenancy. 

What are the benefits of using LEJKA?
There are many reasons why you should use LEJKA. We help you with all aspects of your tenancy and ensure that everything is handled correctly. We offer online tools such as digital tenancy agreement, rent management, storage of documents, move-in report and much more. We also offer free dispute resolution in case of disagreements about the deposit. We reach a decision in less than 30 days - that's significantly faster than The Rent Control Board. By using LEJKA you safe both time, money and worries.

Do you want a higher bottom tax deduction for your rental property?

What are the new tax rules?

If you let a third-party report your rent, you can get the higher bottom tax deduction of 30.300 DKK. LEJKA is one of the few that provides this service - and we are free.

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I had no idea that I could get a higher bottom tax deduction just by letting someone else report my rental income. Now LEJKA helps me do it and I save a lot of money every year. And because I protect the deposit with LEJKA, there are absolutely no charges or fees.

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LEJKA replied super fast to my message and explained to me in clear language how the rules work. It took less that 24 hours to sort things out, and now they take care of reporting the income from my tenancy to the tax authorities - and I benefit from the higher deduction rate :-)

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Wow! I just scored an extra tax deduction of more than DKK 18,000 without effort. I even get free access to a lot of smart online tools and services at - for example digital tenancy agreement which I previously had to paid a lot of money for. So this is a total win-win!

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We rent out four rooms, so we have a lot on our plate. There is so much practical stuff and paperwork involved, and you don't exactly become a millionaire as a small private landlord. So, the extra tax deduction was a welcome surprise. LEJKA takes care of it for us and it works perfectly.

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