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LEJKA is proud to say, that more than 5.000 lease contracts have already been signed. Thank you!

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What users say about LEJKA

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I’ve been a landlord for several years, but I never get used to those rental agreements. There’s always a forgotten detail or a tricky paragraph. It’s a total time-waster. Now I have created my first contract online with LEJKA, and it will definitely not be the last!

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I really can’t be bothered with boring paperwork. I want things to be quick and easy. My landlord has started using LEJKA, and now I have total control of my tenancy agreement etc. I’m an “online person” who likes to have everything stored in the cloud - so I love this :-)

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The tenancy agreement is by far the most annoying thing about renting. I used to send it back and forth to my landlord with signature on paper. It’s just so old school! When I got my new contract for NemID signing via LEJKA, it took me less than five minutes.

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When I first heard about LEJKA’s digital tenancy agreement, I thought to myself “no way it’s free!” I have previously paid hundreds of kroner for that, so I was pleasantly surprised. Especially the part about NemID is important, as it makes me feel safe.

We make it easy!

LEJKA makes it safe, quick and easy to fill out and access your digital lease contract. When the landlord and tenant have signed the contract, it will be available for both parties at Mit LEJKA. You can also choose to print it, just like Oscar. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a tenancy agreement and why is it important?
A tenancy agreement is a legally binding written contract between a landlord and a tenant. Formular A9 is the approved form used for private renting in Denmark. It includes all the various details of the tenancy such as area, number of rooms, rent, deposit and much more. Be very careful with §11 which outlines the special conditions. In this section, the landlord may include certain exceptions and additions. This could be about pets, time limitations, regulation of the rent etc. It’s important when drafting a contract that it satisfies both landlord and tenant. The contract should make both parties feel safe, thus minimising the risk of disagreements later on. LEJKA makes the process easy and secure by offering the tenancy agreement as a user-friendly online form and digital signing with NemID.

How do I create a tenancy agreement with LEJKA?
When you prepare a tenancy agreement in LEJKA’s online form, you just need to follow our instructions and fill out the required fields. There are 12 sections with information that should be completed, and it takes an estimated 15 minutes. We use formular A9 which is the approved form used for private renting. With our help, it’s quick and easy. If you have any questions during the process, you are always welcome to contact us.

What is particularly important to be aware of?
It’s important that you keep a close eye on the special conditions in §11. This is where you can include additions or deviations from the standard terms in the contract. This paragraph is the only place in the contract where you’re allowed to enter special conditions for the tenancy. When using our online form, you minimise the risk of errors. We have included a list of approved texts based on the most common additions and deviations, and they can easily be added to your contract. If you have any doubts about §11, we’ll help you free of charge. 

What happens when I have completed the online form?
When you have filled out the online form, you can either save it as a draft or submit it for signing with NemID via our partner esignatur. After you and your tenant have signed the agreement, it will be available for both of you at My LEJKA. This is where you will also find other tools such as contacts, shared documents and overview of rental payments.

Is LEJKA really free of charge?
Yes, we really are free. All our tools and legal advice is 100 percent free of charge, as long as we protect the deposit during the tenancy period. Our business model is based on investing a part of the deposits, which enables us to offer our online platform absolutely free. The money is covered by a bank guarantee, so you can rest assured that you will get the entire deposit back when the tenancy ends.

What are the advantages of using LEJKA?
There are many reasons why you should manage your tenancy through LEJKA. We help you with all aspects of the tenancy relationship, and we ensure that everything is done correctly. Both you and your tenant will benefit from our platform. In addition to protecting the deposit, we offer smart online tools and help you in case of disputes over the deposit. We make an impartial decision in less than 30 days - that’s significantly faster than the Rent Control Board which can also cost you a lot of money and sleepless nights. By using LEJKA, you save time, money and worries.